August 10, 2015

2008 Developing News: Boyle Celebrates 75 Years of Vision

Belvedere Boulevard in midtown Memphis developed by Edward Boyle in 1906

As Boyle Investment Company embarks on our 75th year serving and building the communities of Memphis, it would be easy to look back and recount our accomplishments. But while it’s tempting to devote an entire Boyle Report to triumphs like Belvedere Boulevard, Ridgeway Center, or any number of our success stories from days past that are still going strong today, we’d prefer to do instead just what we’ve always done: focus on the here, the now, and the future of Memphis.

So here’s to the people and the city that, after three-quarters of a century, continue to inspire our uncompromising vision of sustainability. But more importantly, here’s to the next 75 years. Because today more than ever, we view our work as more than developments within a city. It’s the development of a city.