August 03, 2015

Gina Butler Has Found Sweet Success with Cupcake Shop

– Nashville Business Journal –

Gina Butler opened Gigi’s Cupcakes in February at 1816 Broadway and already has expansion on her mind. She is planning to build a second company store at the Meridian Cool Springs mixed-use development and is also looking at franchising her cupcake concept.

What led you to start your business?
I love to bake and have always had an entrepreneur spirit. My brother had gone to New York City to the famous Magnolias Bakery and stood in line for two hours for a cupcake. He said they weren’t as good as mine. It dawned on me that Nashville is a progressive city and I felt that a cupcake shop would be a wonderful addition.

To what do you attribute your early success?
God, positive friends and family, hard work, positive thinking and a great product. That is a winning combination.

What would you tell other young entrepreneurs to do to find success?
Follow your heart. Believe in yourself. Listen to wise people who have traveled down that road before.

What’s the most creative thing you’ve done in your career?
Opened up a business from scratch. Invented the names and recipes of all the cupcakes.

What was your first job?
I started a house cleaning business when I was 15 years old and still have it today. It’s called Gigi’s Cleaning Co.

Did it help you prepare for your career? How?
Yes, it taught me how to manage my money and people. I learned how to work hard no matter what was required.

Line from a movie, book or song that inspires you.
Faith is all things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen – Hebrews 11:1

So, cupcakes are a lot of people’s guilty pleasures, what is yours?
Cupcakes with ice cream

What is the toughest business lesson you have learned so far?
Be open to people and give love, but don’t show all of your cards. Timing is everything.

Do you have a mentor? If so, tell us the relationship.
Well, this will be the longest answer. I have had many wonderful, loving people in my life. To name some would be my mom and dad. They have always encouraged me and given me unconditional love. They are my foundation. Another mentor is lady named Helen Barnett. She is an amazing business woman who always took the time to teach me and make me feel special. I also have a life coach named Clement Pope. I have been a student of his for nine months. He has taught me how to think differently and see life as a positive miracle. He always says: If it’s to be, who is it up to? And I say, me, me, me.