July 22, 2015

Schilling Adds 2 Offices

– The Collierville Herald –

Schilling Farms, the 443-acre mixed-use development, will have two new businesses in the medical field.

Gary Thompson, vice president of planning for Boyle Investment Company, said on Tuesday that Pediatrics East will move to a 2.28 acre site on Crescent Drive and Market Center Drive in Schilling Farms.

The clinic, which specializes I treating children, currently has an office on Poplar View in Collierville as well as two offices in Germantown, one in Bartlett, and one in Cordova.

Thompson also said that t dental clinic will also be making application to the town to come to Schilling Farms. The dental offices of Dr. Sean Brine and Dr. Jerry Midytt will move to a 1.43 acre site on Crescent Drive near Kid Tech.

"We are starting to see our vision for Schilling Farms come to life," said Thompson. "People will be able to shop, eat, go to the doctor, take their children to the doctor, go to school, work out, everything within this community."