August 26, 2016

Triumph Remodels Banking Center

Memphis Business Journal

By Meagan Nichols

Triumph Bank is about to remodel an East Memphis building that will house its new commercial banking center.  A building permit valued at $415,000 was filed August 16 for renovation work at 5904 Ridgeway Center Parkway.  F&F Construction Co., Inc. and Fleming Architects were hired for the project.

“We wanted to take our commercial bankers, lending assistants, all the analysts and our credit people, and put them in one location to create more efficiencies,” said Will Chase, president and CEO of Triumph Bank.

Chase said that to have a freestanding building in the bustling Poplar/Ridgeway corridor is a great opportunity to create a prominent facility with street appeal.  Roughly 30 employees will relocate to the office after the renovation is finished.  For us, it is a continual investment we are making in our business,” Chase said.  “Our original business plan had been to have commercial bankers in each one of our retail banking locations, but just the regulatory world has changed and delivery to customers has changed so we are excited to make this change.  There is just going to be a lot of synergy to be able to walk over to the person next door.”

The tentative goal is to start relocating people to the building by Jan. 1, 2017.  Boyle Investment Co. is the landlord.